Repair coupling IVE

IVE clamps are designed for fast, reliable, and long-lasting repairs of pipes made of cast iron, steel, PVC, PE, and asbestos-cement. They can be used to repair holes and cracks, including transverse fractures, or to connect two pipes. The medium in the repaired pipeline can be water, steam, or oil substances.
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opravná objímka třmen


IVE-Tech Company

IVE tech has been manufacturing reliable products for the water and energy industries for over 25 years. We are a private company specializing in the production of our own metal products. Additionally, we collaborate with large industrial enterprises to provide customized manufacturing solutions. Quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are the driving forces behind all our activities and business policies. We deliver to 10 European countries, including Germany, Austria, and Slovenia.
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Our production

"Our products find extensive applications in all areas where pipeline systems are in operation. They are utilized in water management, industry, and energy sectors, meeting the strictest technical specifications. Our production is based on rigorous supervision, efficient manufacturing processes, maintaining high-quality standards, and timely deliveries at a competitive price, making us a sought-after partner across the European market."
Ondrej Madeja
Sales Manager