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Tapping Clamp IVE-T

Stainless steel tapping clamp in dimensions DN 150 - 800 are made for permanent taps on several pipe types.
Tapping clamp is completely made of stainless steel. It is a reinforced double band clamp with flange outlet. Metal parts have been deburred and are passivated to restore the corrosion resistance to its original state after the welding process. Screws have LUBO©  coating to prevent galling. Easy installation with no lose parts. Flange holes according to EN 1092-1. Standard certified rubber gaskets EPDM or NBR. Special designed outlets, dimensions or material executions are available on request.
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No fixed dimension table available. Tapping clamps IVE-T are made on request. It isrequired to demand exact pipe dimensions, outlet dimension and type and working pressure. Clamp lenghts are set by the manufacturer.


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