Machine Fleet


CNC turning centre (Haas ST 20 Y)
Convetional lathe (SN 55B)
Convetional lathe (SV 18 RA w/ digital measuring) 
Convetional lathe (SV–18 RA w/ digital measuring)


vertical milling CNC (Haas VF-4  - 1270 x 508 x 635 mm)
vertical milling CNC (Haas VF-2SS - 1270 x 508 x 635 mm)
vertical milling  (TOS FA 4AV w/ digital measuring
tool milling (FNK 25 A w/ digital measuring)


rad. revolving drill (MAS VR-4 w/ cross desk 300x300 and w/ digital measuring
tech. drill press (VS 32 B)
conventional desk drill (VR – 4/20 B)
thread drill VS 16 ZNP

Welding machines

point welding(BSP – 25)
Arc-welding with fusion electrodes in active gas (KIT – 255)


guillotine shears (NTC –2500/4)
automatic band saw (Bomar 290.250 GAC)
bending machine1000/4